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AlivePDF export to PDF truncating view

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Hi folks,

I am trying to archive/export a VGroup using AlivePDF.
The generated PDF file only contains the visible portion of the VGroup, which has a scrollbar added to it so that I could scroll through the data.

Here's the code:-

var pdf:PDF = new PDF(Orientation.PORTRAIT, Unit.MM, Size.A4 );
pdf.setDisplayMode(Display.FULL_PAGE, Layout.SINGLE_PAGE );
var newPage:Page = new Page (Orientation.PORTRAIT, Unit.MM);
pdf.setFont(new CoreFont(), 8);
pdf.addImage(VGroupContainingData,new Resize(Mode.FIT_TO_PAGE, Position.LEFT));

I've tried to play around a lot by setting bounds, using different modes of resize, using ImageSnapshot etc... but all of them only allow me to export the data as shown.. not all of it that could be scrolled to.

The only workaround that I could figure out was to use the addText method of the PDF object, but I am trying to refrain from doing so.

Please help! I would really appreciate any suggestions, and it would greatly help if you could point me to a working example.