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RE: Affinitiz V3.0 powered by Flex2+ColdFusion7+FMS2

Really nice Benoit,


I like how you dynamically check if the Pseudo is already taken!


I think you have over-accordioned everything in a over-efficient but
un-natural way. Maybe we could chat a bit about it.


I’m also flexing and adding chat to a big app, I’dd like to exchange on it.


I’m in Montreal and I talk french. I’dd like to get your email, mine is
[hidden email] (it’s also my MSN).





From: [hidden email] [mailto:[hidden email]] On
Behalf Of Benoit Hediard
Sent: 29 septembre 2006 04:40
To: [hidden email]
Subject: [flexcoders] Affinitiz V3.0 powered by Flex2+ColdFusion7+FMS2


Hi everyone,


FYI, we finally launched the new version of our blogs/communities platform
Affinitiz (initially launched in its V1.0 in 2000)!


It's a personal publishing tool for blog/communities (public/private
contents), with more than 300 000 members and 25 000 communities.

The main app is powered by Flex2 (developped with Cairngorm2 framework) and
ColdFusion7 remote services (developped with ColdSpring framework, no FDS).

ColdFusion7 is also used for the "public" pages (home, member profiles,
blogs and global directories).

Next month, we'll add chat/online presence powered by Flash Media Server2.

A 100% "powered by Adobe" platform!


I spent more than 2 years (on my own) to develop this new platform, starting
it with Flex1 alpha and finishing it with Flex2...

So you can imagine that I'm pretty happy to release it!


In order to have an overview of it, you can go to
and click on the button "Voir la visite guidée" (guided tour).

Sorry, it's only in french...


Have fun!


Benoit Hediard