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Restrict new line in Mobile Textarea

sony antony-2

I am trying to restrict the new line in a TeaxArea editor in a callout of my Mobile application.

I need to listen to Changing event in my mobile callout's TextArea Component.

I have the following code which I am trying to implement.

<fx:Script><![CDATA[ //This event is faster than KEY_DOWN. private function onChangingHandler(event:TextOperationEvent):void { if(event.operation is SplitParagraphOperation){ //SplitParagraphOperation only cancel. event.preventDefault(); } } ]]> </fx:Script><s:TextAreaid="textArea"width="100"changing="onChangingHandler(event)"height="60"/>
But it seems, The Mobile theme doesn't support "Changing" event be dispatched while editing.
What is the alternative for this?

How can I achieve "restrict the new line in a TeaxArea" in my mobile application.

Thanks in advance